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Institute requisites:
10, F. Skoriny Str.,
220114, Minsk,
Republic of Belarus

Phone: (017)267-26-32

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Director – Aleksandr K. KARABANOV,
D. Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Academician

Institute for Nature Management is one of the oldest institutes of NAS of Belarus, making researches in the sphere of sciences about the Earth (1932-1990 - Institute of peat, 1990-2008 - Institute for Problems of Natural Resources Use and Ecology, since 2008 - Institute for Nature Management). Activity of the Institute for Nature Management is aimed at solving the challenges of wise nature management and environment protection.




The Institute carries out researches in the following aspects:

  • Development of scientific bases of nature management and environment protection; assessment, forecast and optimization of anthropogenic impacts on natural complexes;
  • Scientific substantiation of the creation of resource-saving technologies of extraction, processing and utilization of solid fuel fossil;
  • Study of formation conditions and assessment of the state of subsurface fresh potable and mineral water;
  • Climate changes and their impact study on various economy branches;
  • Study of the Earth crust and modern geological processes on Belarus territory;
  • Geo-ecological substantiation of the projecting and distribution of specially significant constructions and hazardous for ecology objects (NPS, HPS, underground gas holders, sites of hi-toxic waste land filling).

The first Director of the Institute - Prof. F. Bakhteyev (1932-1936), a great expert in mire and botany, a leading scientist in peat mining and use in farming. In various periods the Institute activity was headed by: Dr in Biology G.I.Anufriyev (1936-1941), Corresponding Member of the AS, BSSR V.A.Rakovskiy (1943-1948, 1960-1963), Ph.D. in Technical Sciences A.B.Dubov (1948-1952), Corresponding Member of the AS, BSSR P.I. Bel'kevich (1952-1960 ), Dr in Tech. Sci. N.S.Pankratov (1963-1973), Dr in Tech. Sci. N.V.Kislov (1987-1990).

In the periods from 1973 to 1987 and 1990 to 1997 the Institute was headed by Academician, Dr for Tech Sci., Prof., deserved figure in science and technique of BSSR, the laureate of State premium of the RB I.I.Lishtvan - a famous scientist in the sphere of peat physics and chemistry.

From 1998 to 2008 the Institute was headed by Academician, Dr in Geography, Professor, the laureate of State premium of the RB V.F.Loginov - a famous scientist in the sphere of climate and its changes under the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors. 

At present the Institute for Nature Management NAS, Belarus is guided by Academician, Dr. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor Alexander Kirillovich Karabanov, an outstanding scientist in the area of general and regional geology, geo-morphology and paleogeography.

Scientific schools were formed and got their development at the Institute, which affected greatly science and technique development "Physic-chemistry and physical chemical mechanics of natural dispersed systems” (Head – Acad. I.I. Lishtvan), "Ecological geographical scientific school" (Head – Acad. V.F. Loginov), "Bio-geo-chemistry of mires and peat deposits" (Head - Acad. N.N. Bambalov), "Tectonics and bio-dynamics" (Head - Acad. R. Garetskiy), "A quaternary geology and paleogeography".


Academician Ivan Ivanovich LISHTVAN - a famous in the country and abroad scientist in the sphere of colloid chemistry and physical-chemical mechanics of natural disperse systems, nature management, environment protection and ecology. Has done big works in peat physics-chemistry, humic substances, bitumina and biologically active compounds. The works, referring to the study of physical-mechanical characteristic of peat deposits, problems of bogged lands amelioration, ecological problems of Belarus, have a high practical value.
Academician Vladimir Fedorovich LOGINOV - known in the country and abroad scientist in the field of research of a climate and its changes under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors. A large-scale theoretical and applied research of Belarus climate has been done under his leadership, a number of applied workings out on monitoring of global climate and environment of Belarus has been realized. The obtained results of researches are used by working out the State Climatic Program and the concept of National Security of Belarus Republic. 
Academician Alexey Vasil'evich MATVEEV - a known scientist in the field of geology, lithology and stratigraphy of quaternary deposits. Has brought a considerable contribution to studying of modern geological processes and development of representations about formation of minerals. He created a series of varying in scale geomorphological, structural-geomorphological, neotectonic maps and forecast schemes for nonmetallic minerals. The performed works have found application in practice of geological-survey and prospecting works. 
Academician Radim Gavrilovich GARETSKY - the world famous scientist in the field of geotectonics, developed new principles of tectonic division into districts of platform areas. His scientific works have found application in practice of geological survey and prospecting works of Belarus. 
Academician Nikolay Nikolaevich BAMBALOV - a known scientist in the field of chemistry and ecology of soils and bogs, who brought considerable contribution into the study of processes of mineralization and transformation of organic soil substances, into working out of ways and methods of biospehrically compatible uses of natural resources of bogs and soils considering their general planetary functions. The fundamentals of new branch of science and economy has been created by him - mire management. 
Corresponding member Roman Yefimovich IZEBERG - a known scientist-geologist, an expert in the field of geotectonics, geodynamics and oil and gas geology. Has offered a new method of tectonic mapping in the time of formation of platform structures. For the first time he has shown a multifactorial character of geodynamic processes which have defined a development of Pripyatsky paleophyt basin. Has brought a fundamental contribution to studying of breaks of earth crust of Belarus. Is one of the leading experts of the republic in the field of oil and gas geology, creation of cards of petrogeological division into districts of sedimentary basins. Results of his researches are widely used in prospecting works.
Corresponding member Anatoly Viktorovich KUDELSKY - a known scientist in the field of regional and oil and gas hydrogeology, geochemistry of underground water and geoecology; is a recognized leader of Belarus school of hydrogeologists. He has proved and introduced into practice of oil searching works a complex of criteria of oil-gas capacity of local geological structures of the Pripyat trough; the concept and geology-hydro-geological regulations of underground burial place of waste has been developed, the analysis of conditions of the formation and regularities of distribution of mineral water of Belarus has been made by him. The researches have played an important role in objective estimation of radiation condition of natural water of Belarus after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station.

Training of scientists of higher skills is conducted in postgraduate courses at the institute on specialties:
05.17.07 - chemical technology of fuel and high-energy substances;
25.01.01 - the general and regional geology;
25.02.10 - geotechnology (underground, opened and building;
25.03.05 - a land hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry;
25.03.08 - meteorology, climatology, agricultural meteorology;
25.03.13 - geoecology.

Doctoral studies in the specialty:
25.03.13 - geoecology (geographical and technical science).
At institute two Councils for protection of theses for the specified specialties work.

Employees of the institute work in close integration with ministries and republic departments, first of all, with the Ministry of natural resources and environment protection, the Ministry of Agriculture and foodstuffs and the Department of Energy. Search of possibilities and ways of effective utilization of scientific workings out in a country national economy is constantly conducted.  

Institute activity is aimed at the increase of ecology-economic efficiency of use and protection of natural resources, involvement local natural resources to a national economy and creation of favorable conditions of population life.  

Researches of changes of the environment have allowed to reveal features of transformation of natural complexes in conditions of varying technogenic influence and climate changes, have formed a basis for working out a National concept of ecological safety and strategy of steady social and economic development of Belarus and recommendations about nature management optimization in the country. It has developed a number of practical recommendations and technical codes of the established practice in the field of nature management and environment protection. 

Complex researches of profitability of the formation of mineral-raw peat and sapropel resources have revealed wide prospects of their use in various branches of economy. The developed technologies of processing have allowed creating technological bases of manufacture of new materials and preparations for use in agriculture, fuel power, chemical-technological, nature protection, balneal and medical directions.  

With the use of created and introduced in manufacture of advanced technologies fertilizing mixes and nutritious grounds on the basis of an organic waste of animal industries and plant growing with addition of peat for needs of agriculture are produced and sold in the country, as well as lubricant and conservation materials for enterprises of building branch and industry, etc.