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Institute administration
Director – A.K. KARABANOV, D. Sc., Academician
Tel. (reception): (017) 267-26-32;
Tel./fax: (017) 266-34-27;

Laboratory of ecotechnologies
Head – A.E. TOMSON, Ph. D.
Tel./fax: (017) 266-37-82; a-mail:

Laboratory of peat and sapropel deposits use and protection
Head – B.V. KURZO, D. Sc.
Tel./fax: (017) 267-42-43; e-mail:

Laboratory of biogeochemistry and agroecology
Head – V.A. RAKOVICH, Ph. D.
Tel.: (017) 267-23-12; e-mail:

Laboratory of physical-chemical mechanics of natural disperse systems
Head – G.P. BROVKA, D. Sc.
Tel./fax: (017) 267-32-82; e-mail:

Laboratory of geosystems optimization
Head – E.V. SANETS, Ph. D.
Tel./fax (017) 267-14-10; e-mail:

Laboratory of transboundary pollution
Head – S.V. KAKAREKA, D. Sc.
Tel.: (017) 268-04-51; fax: (017) 266-34-27, e-mail:

Centre for climate research
Head – S.A. LYSENKO, D. Sc.
Tel.: (017) 396-73-98; e-mail:

Geodynamics and paleogeography laboratory
Head – A.K. KARABANOV, D. Sc., Academician
Tel./fax: (017) 267-24-13; e-mail:

Geotectonics and geophisics laboratory
Head — Ya.G. GRIBIK,
Tel./fax: (017) 237–63–64; e-mail:

Laboratory of hydrogeology and hydroecology
Head –V.G. ZHOGLO, D. Sc.
Tel.: (017) 369-96-91; e-mail:

Department of International relations, patent-license and informaion activity
Tel./fax: (017) 267-24-13;

Group of scientific-reseach programs management
Head – A.V. Vysochenko, Ph.D. for Technical sciences