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Nature Management

Was founded in 1996 as a proceeding.
In 2018 was transformed into a journal.

ISSN 2079-3928

Periodicity is 2 issues per year.

It is intended on a wide range scientific and technical officers
specialising in area of rational wildlife management and ecology


Aleksandr Karabanov - Academician, D.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor

Editorial Board

Valeriy Khomich - D.Sc. (Geography) (Associate Editor-in-Chief)
Aleksey Tomson - Ph.D. (Chemistry) (Associate Editor-in-Chief)
Anna Vysochenko - Ph.D. (Technical) (Executive Secretary)
Roman Aizberg - Corresponding Member, D.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor
Nikolai Bambalov - Academician, D.Sc. (Agricultural), Professor
Gennadiy Brovka - D.Sc. (Technical)
Yaroslav Gribik - Ph.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)
Sergey Kakareka - D.Sc. (Technical)
Halina Kamyshenka - Ph.D. (Technical)
Boris Kurzo - D.Sc. (Technical)
Tamara Kukharchyk - D.Sc. (Geography)
Ivan Lishtvan - Academician, D.Sc. (Technical), Professor
Vladimir Loginov - Academician, D.Sc. (Geography), Professor
Sergey Lysenko - D.Sc. (Physical and Mathematical)
Aleksey Matveev - Academician, D.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor
Mikhail Struk - Ph.D. (Geography)
Vasiliy Zhoglo - D.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy)

International Editorial Council

Valentinas Baltrunas - D.Sc. (Geology), Professor (Lithuania)
Mikhail Cherepanskii - D.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor (Russia)
Vladimir Gneushev - Ph.D. (Technical) (Ukraine)
Pietr Gozyk - Academician, D.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy) (Ukraine)
Leshek Marks - Dr. Habil. (Geology), Professor (Poland)
Maris Klavins - Dr. Habil. (Chemistry), Professor (Latvia)
Leonid Rudenko - Academician, D.Sc. (Geography) (Ukraine)
Valerian Snytko - Corresponding Member, D.Sc. (Geography), Professor (Russia)
Arcadiy Tishkov - Corresponding Member, D.Sc. (Geography) (Russia)
Sergei Zilitenkevich - D.Sc. (Physical and Mathematical), Professor (Finland)
Boris Zuzin - D.Sc. (Technical), Professor (Russia)

10, F.Skoriny Str.,
220114, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Phone: (017)267-26-32
Fax: (017)267-24-13